Day of Service: 2011

Event Description

Hashtag: 11ntcdos
Storytellers: Beth Kanter, Mark Horvath, and Shawn Ahmed

Tech Recycling Day
Please join eCycle DC!, a first-annual event to provide the homeless with job opportunities and an income through electronics recycling! On Thursday, March 17, NTC attendees will volunteer to help collect, sort, and assess technology equipment for refurbishment and recycling at the WildTech Shelter. Volunteers with various IT skill levels are needed. (Shifts: 7:00a - 11:00a & 11:00a - 3:00p) Live tweets can be shared using the NTC DoS hashtag, #11ntcdos as well as @replying to @ecycle_DC. Pre-event promotion would be very much appreciated, and we are currently taking requests to blog about the event. Contact us on Twitter if you are interested.


Wireless Network Installation
We will also lead a group of volunteers through the install of a wireless network at the WildTech Shelter. This network will enable residents to access the Internet for job searches, ID requests, and everyday communications. Some networking experience is helpful, but not required. (8:45a - 1:00p)


Meal Preparation at DC Central Kitchen
A group of NTC attendees will also head to the DC Central Kitchen -- located in the same building as the WildTech Shelter -- to serve as volunteer meal preparers. While this may not be tech-focused, it's still a great way to give back to the DC community. (8:45a - 12:00p)